Leno Bags

Leno bags are generally used in packing of onions, and packing of potato, ginger, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower and all types of vegetables for export as well as domestic packing.



Upmann is a 200 year old German Company situated at Rhiene Mesum, Germany.


Mesh Bags

Excellent for small size packing of onion and potato specially for malls / super-markets. Advantages: Premium packing / fetch more cost for the product packed.

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Welcome to Suvidha Sales

Suvidha Sales

Suvidha Sales is an Organisation , primary in the field of Agriculture Equipment and Packing Solutions for Commodities. Suvidha Sales was started in year 2000 at Nasik Maharastra. It started with Pioneer Development of products like Shade Net , Green House Films, Insect Nets and Leno Bags. Suvidha Sales, Known as Market Makers, has introduced new products for the first time in Nasik and around markets.

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